Top Notebook of February 2022

Tom Larkworthy
4 min readMar 1, 2022

Welcome to the second monthly summary of what is hot on the Observable Dataviz platform. I write these articles to help myself stay on top of all the good work coming out of Observable. Last month, two notebooks, in particular, did well on the timeline of the trending bot, of those two, Yuri Vishnevsky’s “Words Known Better by Males than Females, and Vice Versa” is the clear winner, as it went viral, with a 623 upvotes on Hackernews. Congrats Yuri!

Twitter analytics in February from the trending bot

@yurivish’s brilliant “Words Known Better by Males than Females, and Vice Versa” does so well because it is so relatable. You are initially skeptical that people of different gender have their own vocabulary, but then as soon as you see the data you are flummoxed by “peplum” (word known by women) or “bushido” (word known by men), so ff course it went viral!

The challenger notebook in February @tomlarkworthy the utility Automatically Backup Observable notebooks to Github. This was a notebook I wrote myself to safeguard my intellectual property developed on the platform. Now all my notebooks are automatically synced to Github, so I can be sure I never lose my hard work. Clearly, other people thought this was useful too!

Of course, there were many other great notebooks, check the rest of February’s trending notebooks below!

Words Known Better by Males than Females, and Vice Versa by @yurivish

The chart above visualizes words disproportionately known by one sex and not the other. The data comes from this table in a paper on Word prevalence norms for 62,000 English lemmas (via): In the dataset we selected, each word was judged on average by 388 participants (282 from the USA and 106 from the UK). The percentages of people indicating they knew the word ranged from 2% (for stotinka, adyta, kahikatea, gomuti, arseniuret, alsike, . . .) to 100% (. . . , you, young, yourself, zone, zoned).

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