Public #dataviz from BigQuery in the browser

Over the last few months I have been solving a series of technical challenges that allows making BigQuery derived data visualisations public, completely within the browser, using free tools. The important thing is that your BigQuery credentials remain protected, yet you still do not need to run a server, or pay any money!

A powerful browser based literate coding and dataviz environment is provided by Observable.

My tutorial covers

  • Creating a Service Account
  • Password protecting it with with SubtleCrypto
  • Instantiating a BQ client in the browser using GAPI
  • Logging into Firebase Storage using a service account
  • Setting up Firebase Security Rules.
  • Reading and Writing to Firebase storage

Checkout the full tutorial here. It’s written in a notebook so the tutorial is executable and you can fork it to make your own BQ integration.

Originally published at on March 26, 2021.