5 Inspiring Notebooks of March 2022

Tom Larkworthy
4 min readApr 1, 2022

It’s my favourite part of the month when I get to review what has happened recently on the Observable Dataviz platform. This month, three notebooks had very similar engagement as measured by the Twitter analytics of the Trending Notebook Bot.

Engagement, Impressions, Likes and Retweets

Twitter engagement stats for March

Top dog by a hair’s breadth was “Example Custom Embed” created by none other than me under my team account (@endpointservices)! That notebook demonstrates how you can completely control the markup of a custom micro websites yet define logic using an Observable notebook. It’s a problem people have and it was motivated by answering a question on the Observable forum. I highly recommend raiding the forum as a source of inspiration, I also recommend using Observable as a website builder-lite.

The next outstanding notebook in March was Hello, Ruffle! by @mootari. The Observablehq community has a tradition of bringing in new technologies onto the platform via an introductory notebook called hello X, so this notebook was about getting Ruffle running. Ruffle is a Rust implementation of Adobe Flash compiled to WASM for use on the WEB, so now you can start playing your favourite Flash experiences on Observable!

Our third winner of March was Shape interpolations with flubber by @neocartocnrs. Flubber is an animation library that lets you interpolate between arbitrary SVG shapes. I think this notebook did well because it has some great interactive demos that both wow and and reveal the limitations of Flubber. It is tactile, honest and informative which are great ingredients for a successful computational notebook! If you like that one you will probably also like https://observablehq.com/@tophtucker/recreating-ostlings-regression-visualizations by @tophtucker which is a very informative set of demonstrations of linear interpolation gotchas.

Talk to you next month! Here are all the trending notebooks of March in their own words.

Example Custom Embed by @endpointservices

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